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Guaranteed Rent or Full Management Services

  • N2 Lettings Ltd with 8 years of experience in the real estate business, our team of experts at N2 Lettings & Management delivers the best deal in the shortest possible time.

We provide the following packages to landlords:

  • Finding the Tenant
  • Guaranteed Rent with property management
  • Property Management

 Guaranteed Rent 

Even after you’ve found the perfect tenant, there is no guarantee of timely rent payments and , on many occasions, tenants fall in arrears on their rental payments, which can lead to a tense relationship between the landlord and the tenant. By letting us take care of this for 0% commission, you can enjoy guaranteed rent hassle-free as we manage your property from start to finish.

  • Guaranteed rent on time
  • No void period
  • Quarterly visits to the property
  • Maintenance work 
  • Inventories on check-in/check-out
  • Legal support

Its simple ,and easy

  1.  Sign-up with us , give us a call.
  2. We’ll have a discussion about your requirements and expectations (i.e. amount of rental income you are looking for, the corresponding market price, characteristics of your residential space, etc.)
  3. Visit your property.
  4. Choose the package that suits your needs; Finding the Tenant, Guaranteed Rent or Property Management or
  5. We’ll provide you with prospective tenants and inform you about their offers.
  6. We’ll provide you with a list of potential tenants interested in renting your property.
  7. We’ll arrange an open house to show them around, and close the deal if an understanding is reached.
  8. You can sit back and wait for your rental income by the end of the month.

Finding the Tenant

Finding a tenant can prove to be a very extensive and exhausting process.

By letting us help you find one at a cost of just 2 week tenant fee, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle. We diligently take the following steps to find a suitable tenant for your property:

  • Advertise and market your property
  • Arrange accompanied viewings
  • Arrange a meeting of Landlord and Tenant
  • Obtain references 
  • Reference check
  • Prepare the tenancy contract
                                      Additional Services
           Building work;     Includes all maintenance work
          Cleaning:  End of tenancy or regular domestic cleaning
  • Removals/ Rubbish clearance
  • Gas certificate/ boiler services and repair
  • EPC: 
  • EICR :


Finding the Tenant2 weeks Rent
Guaranteed Rent0% commission
Full Property Management6 % commission
Additional  servicesVaries


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